Adjustable Furrower

The furrower is a specific attachment for your rotary tiller (hoe) to create a furrow/ridge in previously tilled soil, opening small drainage ditches and reinforcing row crops.

The furrower with adjustable wings consists of a v-shaped front body that penetrates the soil and breaks its surface. Two adjustable mouldboards are hinged to the front body and these generate the groove by sliding the ground sideways.

The adjustable-wing ridger behind two-wheel tractor rotary hoe works with it to create furrows for sowing. It is advisable to set up the two-wheel tractor with 6.5/80-12 wheels and relative weights (34 kg each).


Technical Details

  • Cutting angle of the single plough: adjustable through the dedicated link (only for adjustable ridger)
  • Cutting depth of the plough: adjustable through the dedicated adjustment screw (only for adjustable ridger)
  • Ridge depth: adjustable by opening the mouldboards
  • Max. width of the ridge: 385 mm (adjustable ridger) 590 mm (adjustable ridger with backhoe)